Integrated Company Report 2017


Our strategic direction
GIZ profile
Message from the Chair of the Supervisory Board
Foreword by the Management Board
Strategy and outlook
Our strategic vision for the future
Our strategy at a glance
Trends and the future of development cooperation
The 2030 Agenda: how it is being implemented at GIZ
Maintaining dialogue and setting priorities together
Materiality matrix 2017
Digital transformation
Digital solutions for internal processes
Digital change at GIZ - an interview
Digital solutions in projects
Achieving success with new ideas
Our reporting practices
People, figures, structures
Our personnel
Fiscal 2017
Our organisation chart
Our official bodies
Our work around the world
Working together for change
The diverse nature of our work
How we work: interlinked and with strong partners
Climate and energy
Intro: Helping to reverse the global trend
Achieving even more worldwide with new partnerships
Sustainable mobility in Brazil and Namibia
Thailand and Peru: new approaches to climate change adaptation
Green cooling for the climate in Africa
Chile: paving the way for the energy transition
Displacement and migration
Intro: Offering protection quickly and creating long-term prospects
Climate-induced migration in Fiji and Bangladesh: when nature takes away your livelihood
Sub-Saharan Africa: towards a positive future at home
Niger: strengthening communities along transit routes
Creating opportunities for returnees in Tunisia: a new start in their country of origin
Expertise for Viet Nam, care staff for Germany
Jordan: money from your mobile
Security and stabilisation
Intro: Working together to promote peace
Mali: lasting peace and stable living conditions
Yemen: restoring local capabilities
Guatemala and Cambodia: reconciliation and non-violent conflict management
Jointly contributing to greater security in Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Afghanistan: fighting corruption from within
Corporate sustainability
Intro: Competence and responsibility
Embedded at the highest level of management and centrally coordinated
Leaving a positive handprint
Gender equality
Staff commitment to sustainability