Integrated Company Report 2017

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Here you will find various publications on GIZ reporting: the integrated corporate report 2017 can be viewed as a browsable or barrier-free PDF, the annual financial statement 2017 on the company’s financial position as a PDF, as well as further documents on corporate sustainability and corporate governance.

Integrated Company Report 2017



Integrated Company Report 2017

GIZ’s Integrated Company Report provides information on business development, non-financial indicators and the results of our work. Our integrated reporting reflects the fact that sustainability is our core business as well as a definitive and integral part of our Corporate Strategy.

Annual Statements of Accounts 2017



Annual Statement of Accounts 2017

GIZ’s Annual Statement of Accounts gives details about the company’s business areas and its assets, financial position and income.

Corporate sustainability documents



Climate and Environmental Report 2017

The report provides a detailed overview of our climate and environmental indicators in Germany and abroad.

GIZ Corporate Sustainability 2017 (with GRI- and UN Global Compact-Indices)

The report describes the material topics of corporate sustainability. It has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards (Core option) and UN Global Compact (Advanced Level).

Environmental Statement 2017 (German only)

GIZ’s Climate and Environmental Statement presents the company’s environmental data for Germany and consumption values for abroad.

Global Compact Communication on Progress 2016

In our Communication on Progress we explain how we translate our voluntary commitment to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact into measures and services. The Communication on Progress 2017 will be published in December 2018.

Stakeholder-Dialog Evaluation Report 2016 (German only)

The report on the results of the Stakeholder Dialogue in 2016 shows how GIZ’s stakeholders rate its sustainability performance and what they expect from GIZ’s sustainability management.

Materiality Matrix 2017

GIZ’s Materiality Matrix reflects the results of the Stakeholder Dialogue in 2016. It shows which sustainability issues GIZ’s stakeholders considered to be particularly relevant.

GIZ Sustainability Programme 2016-2020

The Sustainability Programme outlines the activities GIZ will implement to achieve its sustainability targets between 2016 and 2020.

CSH-Report 2016

The Corporate Sustainability Handprint® (CSH) Report presents the results of the CSH process up to the end of 2016 from more than 90 per cent of GIZ’s international offices.

Sustainable Procurement Report 2016 (German only)

GIZ’s Sustainable Procurement Report describes how GIZ incorporated sustainable aspects into its procurement activities in 2016.

Corporate Governance documents



Corporate Governance Report 2017 (German only)

In the Corporate Governance Report, which is published annually, the Supervisory Board and Management Board declare that they have implemented recommendations on professional and transparent corporate governance in line with the German Government’s Public Corporate Governance Code (PCGK) and explain any discrepancies.