Integrated Company Report 2018


Our strategic direction
GIZ profile
Message from the chair of the supervisory board
Foreword by the management board
Strategy and outlook
Achieving more goals faster
Our Corporate Strategy
Strong partnerships
Effectiveness - in projects, at country level, worldwide
The 2030 Agenda – how it is being implemented at GIZ
Stakeholder dialogue
GIZ materiality matrix
Our reporting
People, figures, structures
Our personnel
Personnel numbers
Co-determination and participation
Our remuneration system
GIZ’s fiscal 2018
Our organisation chart
Official bodies
Our work around the world
Shaping futures together: Our activities worldwide
Economy and investment in Africa
Africa rising
Boosting the economy
AFRIKA KOMMT! – Aspiring managers, take note!
Displacement and migration
Creating prospects together
Morocco and eastern Sudan: Learning from one another
Somalia and Afghanistan: A fresh start back home
Rays of hope in Ukraine
Yemen and the South Caucasus: Getting on well
Trainees from Morocco: Sought and found
Discovering new business worlds
Serbia: Building bridges between countries
Climate and energy
Living together in the spirit of climate justice
Philippines and Costa Rica: Taking action on climate change
Breathing life into the deal
‘Solidarity is in our own interest’ – an interview
Indonesia: Protecting precious swamps and forests
Kenya’s waste pioneers
Mexico: The internet of trees
Security and stabilisation
Together for peace and a brighter future
Palestinian territories and South Africa: Promoting young people, securing peace
Bangladesh and Colombia: Structures for greater security
Africa: Greater stability with clear borders
Blockchain for greater transparency and security
Tanzania: Rapid response from the air
Insights into our work in 2018
Corporate Sustainability
Intro: Our sustainability management
Corporate sustainability management
Corporate sustainability management
Sustainability as a success factor
Sustainability Programme 2016-2020
How our country offices determine how sustainable they are
How we work together with our stakeholders
GIZ’s memberships
Sustainably outstanding!
Social Responsibility
Intro: How we assume social responsibility
We maintain and strengthen employability
Staying healthy and achieving a good work-life balance
How we protect our employees
We protect data
Our strength lies in diversity
Commitment – environment heroes and meandering gardeners
Focus theme human rights
Overview: Respecting human rights is a key element of our work
Human rights – a yardstick for our processes
Human rights – a guideline for project work
Ecological balance
An Overview: Our Enviromental and Climate Management
GIZ Energy use in Germany is very different from consumption abroad
Our goal - to reduce per capita emissions
Using water efficiently and sustainably
We protect biodiversity and build sustainably
Reducing our consumption of resources
Achieving ambitious goals together
Economic Capability
Intro: Working efficiently, improving our performance capacity
Fighting corruption together
Risk Management 2.0 – Minimising risk, averting damage
Only permanent learning processes safeguard quality
Value for money is a prerequisite
A roadmap to the digital future
Embracing sustainability in both events and procurement
Intro: Services
GRI Index
UN Global Compact Index