Integrated Company Report 2018

Building bridges between continents reaps rewards: for more than a decade, the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme has been bringing together German companies and future managers from sub-Saharan Africa.

The young professionals spend eight months at a German company, with the aim of gaining experience and broadening their horizons. Since it was first introduced, more than 150 highly qualified individuals from over 20 African countries have completed the programme. The companies, in turn, get to expand their networks in Africa and benefit from the country-specific knowledge of highly motivated and talented individuals.

The AFRIKA KOMMT! initiative was founded by 19 leading German companies in 2008. The programme is now so popular that around 6,000 young Africans apply for the 25-30 places that are available each year. Almost three quarters of participants continue to work for the companies once their time in Germany is over – for example helping to set up the first branch offices in their home countries. The companies are thus able to improve their business operations in Africa and, at the same time, support local economies. GIZ manages the entire programme on behalf of the initiative and selects candidates together with the companies.