Integrated Company Report 2018

In many countries, water is an asset that requires special protection. GIZ protects this valuable resource at all its locations throughout the world.

Since GIZ is not engaged in any water-intensive business activities, water is a secondary environmental issue for us. However, we know how important water resources are in many countries of the world.


GIZ wants to reduce its water consumption in Germany by 2 per cent per capita per annum. As a result of the rise in the workforce, water consumption has increased by 26 per cent since 2016. However, the per capita consumption has declined compared with 2016. In 2018 it was 11,321 litres per employee.

We have installed a large number of water-saving devices at our locations in Germany. Initially, we were able to achieve savings. However, because of Legionella regulations and the additional flushing required, our consumption has increased again recently. By using rainwater from cisterns in our new buildings we intend to reduce water consumption and also keep it at a low level in our existing buildings. We protect the environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning agents with strict quality labels. An additional water consumption factor that should not be underestimated at German locations is ongoing climate change. This is also reflected in increased water consumption in our offices, used mostly as drinking water.


In many of our partners countries, water is an asset that requires special protection. At the same time, we find that collecting the relevant data is particularly time-consuming and that available data is incomplete. In some countries, the CSH has revealed defective or inaccurate water meters or water leaks on the premises. Data collection allows us to see where there is a need for specific action. Overall, there is still a lot of potential for saving water resources.

Drinking water consumption Germany Abroad
2016 2017 2018 2016 2017 2018
Total drinking water consumption [m3] 41,442 43,643 52,302 363,727 395,212 360,253
Total drinking water consumption per employee [litres] 12,459 10,424 11,321 24,037 24,888 21,458

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