Integrated Company Report 2018



On the up: with a growing economy, a considerable market for digital products, a huge reservoir of renewable energy, a large number of young workers and an ever growing middle class, Africa has great potential – and is also an interesting prospect for foreign investors. If the general conditions are right. We are working with numerous African countries to improve these conditions.

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African countries offer plenty of opportunity for further development: the continent has a huge reservoir of renewable energy, the world’s largest amount of open space for agriculture and a rapidly expanding market for digital products and applications. It also has a growing middle class and a young population with a passion for technology.

A number of positive trends have been observed in recent years. To consolidate these, however, even more inputs and investments (including from abroad), more small and medium-sized enterprises and, above all, decent and secure jobs are required. Over 80 per cent of Africans are currently in informal employment. Moreover, around 20 million young people enter the labour market every year.

GIZ has been involved for many years in creating adequate political and economic frameworks that help to improve the overall business and investment climate. It advises African countries on reform, including issues related to economic policy and the rule of law, regional integration and the development of suitable education and training courses. These measures must also be seen in the context of the German Development Ministry’s Marshall Plan with Africa and the Compact with Africa, an initiative launched by the G20 states under Germany’s Presidency in 2017 that focuses more closely on macroeconomic factors.

GIZ also provides direct support for companies and regional business hubs to enable them to grow and create jobs. To this end, GIZ – in conjunction with KfW and other organisations – began implementing the German Development Ministry’s Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation at the end of 2018. This initiative aims to create thousands of regular jobs.

Economic development and investment in Africa – an interview