Integrated Company Report 2016


GIZ supports its commissioning parties and partners in implementing and creatively managing sustainable development. It is also important that we work sustainably and take responsibility for our actions within our own organisation

We are focusing increasingly on combining our reports on sustainable development to produce an integrated report which provides information on both financial and non-financial results and shows how economic, environmental and social considerations impact on the company’s activities as a whole.

As well as financial information and indicators, our Integrated Company Report 2016 provides insights into GIZ’s external services and explains how corporate responsibility and sustainability are strategically mainstreamed and realised in the company. The Annual Statement of Accounts, which contains details of GIZ’s financial position, and further documents reporting on sustainability can be downloaded under ‘Corporate reports’ on our website.

Our intention in presenting all these elements together is to both explain our strategy and our work, and show how – together with our commissioning parties and partners – we are responding to global challenges with effective solutions for sustainable development.