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Here you will find various reports produced by GIZ: our Integrated Company Report 2022 as a barrier-free PDF, the Annual Statement of Accounts 2022 on the company’s financial position, also as a PDF, and a range of other documents about our corporate sustainability and corporate governance.

Integrated Company Report 2022

Integrated Company Report, barrier-free (PDF)
Integrated Company Report, barrier-free (PDF)

57 pages · 7 MB

GIZ’s Integrated Company Report provides information on our strategic direction and business development, describes how we realise our social responsibility and act ecologically, and outlines the results of our work. The integrated style of reporting combines financial and non-financial information and reflects our aim to paint a picture of our company as a whole.

Download barrier-free PDF

The content of the barrier-free pdf is identical to the printed brochure. Additional information on the year under review and on corporate sustainability based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards can be found on this website.

Annual Statement of Accounts 2022

Annual Statement of Accounts 2022
Annual Statement of Accounts 2022

56 pages · 0,69 MB

GIZ’s Annual Statement of Accounts gives details about the company’s business areas and its assets, financial position and income.


Corporate sustainability documents

Climate and environmental data 2022
Climate and environmental data 2022

10 pages · 0,14 MB

This document presents the company’s environmental data for Germany and consumption values for abroad.


GIZ’s Sustainability Guidelines
4 pages · 0,2 MB

These guidelines describe GIZ’s understanding of sustainability and how it should be implemented by its staff. They were published in 2016.


EMAS Environmental Statement 2023 (German only)
55 pages · 1,8 MB

In our annual statement, we report on objectives, measures and results from our corporate environmental management.


Stakeholder Dialogue Results Report 2020
20 pages · 1,5 MB

The report on the results of the Stakeholder Dialogue in 2020 shows how GIZ’s stakeholders rate its sustainability performance and what they expect from GIZ’s sustainability management.


Sustainability Programme 2021–2025
11 pages · 0,6 MB

The Sustainability Programme outlines the activities GIZ will implement to achieve its sustainability targets between 2021 and 2025.


Declaration of Compliance with the German Sustainability Code

The declaration of compliance with the German Sustainability Code includes GIZ’s non-financial declaration as set out in Section 289b of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

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Corporate governance documents

Corporate Goverance Bericht 2021
Corporate Governance Report 2022 (German only)

12 pages · 2,2 MB

In the Corporate Governance Report, which is published annually, the Supervisory Board and Management Board declare that they have implemented recommendations on professional and transparent corporate governance in line with the German Government’s Public Corporate Governance Code (PCGK) and explain any discrepancies.


Integrated Company Reports from previous years

Integrated Company Report 2021, barrier-free
Integrated Company Report 2021

GIZ’s Integrated Company Report provides information on business development, non-financial indicators and the results of our work. Our integrated reporting reflects the fact that sustainability is our core business as well as a definitive and integral part of our Corporate Strategy.


Integrated Company Report 2020


Integrated Company Report 2019


Other reports

You will find all other GIZ reports in our media centre:

Corporate reports