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Integrated Company Report 2021

To be able to operate flexibly and remain agile in times of constant change, new beginnings and fragmentation, GIZ needs to enhance its existing skill set. Nurturing existing strengths, developing new ones.

This is how we maintain our capacity to implement effective projects – now and in the future.


Our goal is to achieve sustainable development. In pursuit of this goal, we work with many different people to drive progress in a great variety of sectors across the globe. Our commissions are diverse, and we have wide-ranging skills. The environment in which we operate is constantly changing, which makes it all the more important to have stable anchors and to be aware of the foundation on which our own efforts are based: that is what our values describe – values which have been the guiding principle for our activities for more than 10 years. Our core values include human rights, the rule of law, gender equality and the commitment to a socio-ecological economic system. We gear our activities as a company towards the values enshrined in the German Basic Law and towards those of the European Union. They show us the way ahead, provide a sense of security and underpin our approach. They guide us, even during difficult times, to help create a future worth living.


Our greatest asset is our capacity to implement effective projects. We work with and for the people in our partner countries, gear our activities closely to our partners, and can draw on decades of implementation practice – in places where the need is greatest and the need for change is most urgent. Yet we can only harness this asset if we broaden our horizons. If we anticipate developments and take action at an early stage. In conjunction with other actors whose skills supplement our own. As a consultancy and service provider, we feel a responsibility to look beyond current crises and to develop viable solutions for the future. Only then will we be able to keep sight of our primary goal of improving the lives of as many people as possible while respecting and protecting the planet’s natural limits.


Portrait photo: Jochen Flasbarth.
© BPA / Steffen Kugler

‘The just transition is the single most important challenge of this century.’

Message from Jochen Flasbarth

Video message from the Chair of the Management Board


Photo: Two women and a man sitting at a conference table in front of open notebooks and folders.
© GIZ / Photothek

‘We have a vision, while remaining firmly rooted in our value system.’

Foreword by the Management Board


  • employees worldwide

    2020 24,977
    2020 23,614


  • national staff

    2020 16,877
    2020 15,988


  • business volume

    2020 €3.7 billion
    2020 €3.3 billion


  • total operating performance of the taxable business area GIZ International Service

    2020 €135 million
    2020 €108 million


  • ongoing projects

    2020 around 1,650
    2020 1,600


  • countries around the world

    2020 around 120
    2020 120


Our strategicdirection

Photo: Four persons are sitting at a table with laptops, documents and drinks. One woman is talking and the others are looking at her.
© GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier

Flexible and effective, with our eyes on the future

Values and vision – both characterise our Corporate Strategy. Clear values enable us to pursue our vision and implement effective projects. We analyse the upcoming key trends and pave the way for sustainable change.

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Our work around the world

  • Photo: Several people standing in a field in front of a tree. A man is holding a tablet in his hands.

    Planning sustainably and taking a comprehensive approach – for today and tomorrow

    To achieve sustainable development we need extensive approaches that counter current crises while pointing the way forward towards a better future.
    (© GIZ / Cassiana Moreira)

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  • Photo: Two girls making the peace or victory sign with their hands.

    Determined, even in fragile contexts

    Even under the most difficult conditions, GIZ is working to strengthen states and their societies and government bodies, while ensuring that all people can benefit from development.
    (© GIZ / Rana Hamza Sultan)

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  • Photo: A doctor listening to a women’s back through a stethoscope in a doctor’s room. There are other people in the background.

    Global health: looking at the bigger picture

    GIZ has long helped partner countries strengthen their health systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional stress on these systems and demonstrated that no one is safe until everyone is safe.
    (© GIZ / Mateo Garcia Prieto)

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  • Photo: Two women in a greenhouse looking after plants growing out of holes in tubes.

    Green recovery: greener and fairer

    Green recovery is not just an empty slogan – it is the way forward after the pandemic to build resilient societies through sustainable, socially just and climate-neutral change.
    (© Tim Werremeyer, studio wetwo Werremeyer Lübben Communications GbR)

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  • Photo: Several people standing on an access slope with green railings in front of a colourful building.

    Social cohesion: everyone is included

    Everyone needs prospects, particularly the younger generation. People who are taken seriously and feel themselves to be valued members of society can develop the strength needed to create a better future.
    (© GIZ / ZFD Honduras)

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Photo: A girl with a colourful dress and scarf smiling at the camera.
© GIZ / Wahid Khan

Comprehensive action with vision

GIZ builds sustainable values – within GIZ and beyond. This is reflected not only in our cost-effective work and the protection of natural resources, but also in our in-house capacity development and training for our staff.

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Corporate sustainability

Photo: Window front of a wood-panelled building.

Responsibility at all levels

Sustainability has many dimensions – from the environmental to the social to the economic. GIZ takes a comprehensive approach at all levels of the company and sets ambitious goals that go above and beyond the legal requirements.

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Here you will find various reports produced by GIZ: our Integrated Company Report 2021 as an accessible PDF, the Annual Statement of Accounts 2021 on the company’s financial position, also as a PDF, and a range of other documents about our corporate sustainability.

These and other GIZ reports can be found under ‘Downloads’.