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To be able to operate flexibly and remain agile in times of constant change, new beginnings and fragmentation, GIZ needs to enhance its existing skill set. Nurturing existing strengths, developing new ones.

This is how we maintain our capacity to implement effective projects – now and in the future.


We have been working to shape a future worth living around the world for more than 50 years. Thanks to this experience, we are a strong partner in international cooperation in over 1,600 projects in more than 120 countries. Commissioning parties and partners place their trust in us so that together we can bring about long-term positive change. They value our unwavering reliability.


The challenges our projects pose are many and varied; no two days are the same. Even in the face of constant change, in times of uncertainty and fragility, we remain excited about the future. Curious about people, their circumstances and their needs, we apply ourselves to new challenges. We combine our long-established capacity to implement effective projects with new ideas, technologies and a great deal of flexibility.



Photo: GIZ: Martin Jäger, GIZ supervisory board chairman
© GIZ / Paul Hahn

‘We will all have to redouble our efforts’
To the Message from Martin Jäger


Photo: GIZ: Tanja Gönner, speaker of the board and Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, member of the board
© Thomas Imo /

Our reporting year 2019

  • 22,199

    employees worldwide

  • 15,120

    national staff

  • 1,600

    ongoing projects

  • € 3.1 billion
    € 3.0 billion

    business volume

  • € 118.3 million
    € 109.3 million

    Total operating performance of the taxable business area GIZ International Services

  • 120

    countries around the world

Our strategic direction

Photo: GIZ: Header image Our Orientation
yet changing

GIZ is steady and strong, but continues to evolve at the same time. It is reliable in that it remains steadfastly true to its principles, but also curious about new possibilities. This is the only way it can keep up with the shifts and movements of a changing world.
(© Getty Images / Thomas Barwick)
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Our work around the world

  • Photo: GIZ: Protecting children from violence
    1/6 Strengthening & promoting children and their rights

    As a service provider in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development, GIZ helps its partners around the globe to strengthen human rights. (© IOT Maker)

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  • Photo: GIZ: Our work worldwide, Project Iraq, Digital job perspectives in Iraq
    2/6 Iraq: hackathons & hope

    Young people in Iraq are discovering the opportunities afforded by digital careers with a sense of curiosity and energy. (© IOT Maker)

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  • Photo: GIZ: Our work worldwide, Project Sri Lanka, Mobile Museum
    3/6 Sri Lanka: understanding & reconciliation

    Lasting reconciliation is at the heart of GIZ’s work. (© GIZ)

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  • Photo: GIZ: Our work worldwide, Project Nigeria, fish seller Adebisi Esho
    4/6 Nigeria: energy & environmental protection

    Overcoming energy poverty: with more renewable power and higher energy efficiency. (© Andrew Esiebo)

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  • Photo: GIZ: Our work worldwide, Project Libya, international textile fair
    5/6 Libya: confidence & hope

    Retaining an ability to operate in difficult times: GIZ is working on behalf of BMZ and the EU to support Libyan municipalities.
    (© GIZ / Firas Ben Khelifa)

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  • Photo: GIZ: Our work worldwide, Project Mexico, Forensic doctors*in Guadalupe de la Peña
    6/6 Mexico: identification & mediation

    GIZ is supporting Mexico in strengthening its forensic medicine institutes.
    (© GIZ / Tonatiuh Figueroa)

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Creating- value

Photo: GIZ: Value creation, man plants trees
Taking integrated and
sustainable action

We view every aspect of how we operate as part of a coherent whole: from working to achieve economic success and supporting our staff to taking environmental and climate action and upholding human rights.
(© GIZ / Ranak Martin)
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Here you will find various publications on giz reporting: the integrated corporate report 2019 can be viewed as a browsable or barrier-free pdf, the annual financial statement 2019 on the company’s financial position as a pdf, as well as further documents on corporate sustainability and corporate governance.

These and other GIZ reports can be found under ‘Downloads’.