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Integrated Company Report 2020

To be able to operate flexibly and remain agile in times of constant change, new beginnings and fragmentation, GIZ needs to enhance its existing skill set. Nurturing existing strengths, developing new ones.

This is how we maintain our capacity to implement effective projects – now and in the future.


The environment in which we operate is changing at an ever-faster pace. The spectrum of issues addressed by international cooperation is expanding, the requirements of our commissioning parties are becoming more exacting, and conditions in our countries of assignment are in a state of flux. Change is nothing unusual for us. Reliable structures are vital if we are to provide a dynamic response. We draw strength from the expertise, networks and partnerships we have built and developed over many years. It is this stability that gives us the scope to respond swiftly and confidently, even to extreme circumstances, to adopt an innovative mindset, and to overcome barriers. Stability runs through our work. We are always there, even under the most difficult conditions.


Sustainability is the principle that guides our actions. We have set ourselves the goal of not merely keeping pace with external changes. As a strong partner and service provider, we see it as our duty to look beyond the current crisis and to create robust, viable solutions for the future. More than any other factor, it is our long-standing expertise that allows us to undertake necessary systemic changes on an ongoing basis and adapt to evolving external requirements. We constantly monitor the results of our actions and continue to develop. In this way, we shape change and work to create a future worth living for all people.


Portrait photo: Martin Jäger
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Solidarity even during crises

Message from Martin Jäger


Photo: Three people stand slightly apart on a path leading to one of the GIZ buildings.
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reportingyear 2020

  • employees worldwide

    2020 23,614
    2019 22,199


  • national staff

    2020 15,988
    2019 15,120


  • business volume

    2020 € 3.3 billion
    2019 € 3.1 billion


  • total operating performance of the taxable business area GIZ International Services

    2020 € 108 million
    2019 € 118.3 million


  • ongoing projects

    2020 around 1,600
    2019 1,600


  • countries around the world

    2020 120
    2019 120


Our strategicdirection

Photo: Two women sit next to each other at a table. One has an open laptop in front of her while she speaks.
© GIZ / Miki van Rooyen, Kaimara

Reliable even during crises

GIZ is organised such that it can continue to provide its services even during crises. Our strategic direction allows us to work with stability and reliability, even under extremely difficult circumstances.

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Our work around the world

  • Photo: Three people in a room, all wearing surgical masks. One person with surgical gloves practises heart massage on a CPR doll. Another person explains the technique, while the third person watches in the background.

    Harnessing experience. Including everyone. Shaping the future.

    To overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, and even more to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to adopt a much broader perspective and act accordingly.
    (© GIZ / AMREF)

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  • Photo: Two people in a room with walls made of tarpaulins. One person is wearing a transparent plastic visor. Both are wearing gloves and using different disinfectants.

    East Africa: fighting infections

    Long before the coronavirus, GIZ and its partners in East Africa were working hard to prevent pandemics. As a result, these countries were able to respond quickly when the crisis hit.
    (© Light in Captivity)

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  • Portrait photo: Matthias Rompel

    Video interview: GIZ’s work during the pandemic

    Matthias Rompel, Director of GIZ’s Southern Africa Division, talks about how the pandemic has changed GIZ’s project work and what the COVID-19 crisis means for development successes to date.
    (© GIZ / Tristan Vostry)

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  • Photo: A European Union flag flutters in the wind.

    European Commission: green recovery

    Green recovery and the Team Europe approach – the EU’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. An interview with Carla Montesi and Felix Fernandez-Shaw (DG INTPA, European Commission).
    (© Christian Lue / Unsplash)

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  • Photo: A woman sits at a desk outside. She has a laptop open in front of her.  She is jotting something down in a notebook, which lies beside the laptop on the table.

    Global: artificial intelligence for all

    Everyone who can understand and make themselves understood can participate. That is why GIZ is stepping up the use of language-based artificial intelligence in partner countries.
    (© GIZ / Tristan Vostry)

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  • Photo: Several round containers filled with fish

    Indonesia: ice from solar energy  

    A solar-powered ice maker for local fishers demonstrates how renewable energy can secure incomes.
    (© Shana Fatina)

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Photo: Three laughing children sit on the back of a lorry behind metal railings. There are large tents in the background.
© dpa Picture-Alliance GmbH / Morukc Umnabe

Taking effective action for the future 

Sustainability is our guiding principle and effectiveness is the standard we set for our work.

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Photo: Reception desk inside a building with a GIZ logo on the wall
© HGEsch

Taking responsible action around the world

Corporate sustainability encompasses social responsibility, ecological balance and economic capability. We align our practice here with national and international guidelines and also set our own ambitious targets.

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Here you will find various GIZ reports: the 2020 Integrated Company Report as an accessible pdf, the 2020 Annual Statement of Accounts on the company’s financial situation as a pdf, as well as further documents on corporate sustainability.

These and other GIZ reports can be found under ‘Downloads’.