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Reliable even during crises

Photo: Two women sit next to each other at a table. One has an open laptop in front of her while she speaks.
© GIZ / Miki van Rooyen, Kaimara

GIZ is organised such that it can continue to provide its services even during crises. The last year has delivered proof of our stability and reliability, even under extremely difficult circumstances. We rely on our experience while at the same time acting with great flexibility in order not only to support a changing world, but also to actively shape that change. Even in uncertain times we can therefore remain a reliable service provider for our commissioning parties.

2020 saw the launch of a new GIZ strategy cycle, which will take us through the next three years. It helps us to harness our greatest skill – the ability to swiftly and effectively implement ambitious international cooperation commissions, even under adverse circumstances. The strategy has already proved its worth in its first year and will continue to serve us well. We are still facing turbulent times. Through our work, we aim to make the world a safer and better place to live in.

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