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Photo: Three laughing children sit on the back of a lorry behind metal railings. There are large tents in the background.
© dpa Picture-Alliance GmbH / Morukc Umnabe

Sustainability determines our actions both within the company and externally – with regard to our corporate engagement, our staff and how we protect people and the environment. 

For the most part, we were able to continue operating in 120 countries in 2020. This was made possible thanks to our global staff of some 25,000 people. They have remained calm and committed during the crisis, responding flexibly and responsibly to whatever challenges arise, often under the most difficult conditions. 

How effective we were continues to act as a compass in times of crisis too. That is why we place great emphasis on measuring the results of our work. Maintaining a critical view acts both as a corrective and a guide. Results ensure transparency and reinforce our reliability and credibility in the eyes of our partners, commissioning parties and the general public alike. 

Sustainability also guides the actions we take within our organisation. That is what prompted two particular measures in 2020: we stepped up our efforts to mainstream children’s rights – for example, in our procurement practices – and we set a course towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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