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We maintained our capacity to implement effective projects even during the pandemic

GIZ had to respond flexibly to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to make use of existing regulations to help us do this. An employer/staff council agreement dating back to 2018 gave staff the option of mobile working for two days a week and the freedom to organise their working time between the hours of 6:00 and 22:00 – in consultation with their team and taking into account the requirements of individual tasks and of the commissioning party. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, the mobile working rule was extended to five days a week for staff members with a German employment contract; individual agreements apply in GIZ’s countries of assignment depending on the crisis situation there and on other specific conditions. Staff also received comprehensive support: in the form of training on digital collaboration, special communication and health services, and arrangements for taking care of children and other family members. Virtual formats – from meetings and live events through to coronavirus Q&A sessions – were further expanded.

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Graphic: GIZ: SDG 5 Gender equality
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GRI standard 401; The Code 14, 16