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Value for money – one of the pillars of the Corporate

To ensure that as many people as possible have a future worth living, we must operate cost-effectively in the long term. Value for money is therefore one of the four pillars of our Corporate Strategy 2020–2022. Delivering value for money requires us to use resources efficiently and responsibly.

Value for money in the Corporate Strategy

Working efficiently means achieving maximum impact while conserving resources as effectively as possible. GIZ embraces a variety of approaches to do this, the goal being to achieve more results per euro invested.

We use key performance indicators to measure success. To be able to comply with the greater demands on us, as well as carry out future tasks and meet expectations, GIZ has set itself the goal of achieving even better value for money. It is focusing in particular on implementation and using digitalised end-to-end business processes and demand-based service delivery to improve its processes. This will enable us to maintain our operational capability and long-term viability and therefore retain the trust of our Shareholder, commissioning parties and partners. 

Why is value for money so important? 

The principle of delivering value for money demands that resources be used optimally and sparingly. Different options for action are identified and evaluated against a range of criteria to determine the best possible cost/benefit ratio, which is key to maximising the impact of our work while ensuring we do not lose sight of sustainability. We are always weighing up the pros and cons of alternative solutions.

Value for money: a guarantee for GIZ’s economic capability

By working efficiently at all levels, we:

  • enable more international cooperation for each euro invested and increase our impact
  • free up more resources for investments in key issues of the future
  • increase our competitiveness, retain the confidence placed in us and secure demand for our services in future.

Since GIZ is a public-benefit federal enterprise, we have a special duty to use the resources entrusted to us responsibly. This requires as much transparency as possible with regard to how we deploy these resources. Ensuring that our considerations regarding value for money are set out clearly in appropriate documentation is therefore a priority for us as well as being of the utmost importance.

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