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Company Report



The world as our workplace is in a constant state of flux. We keep a watchful eye on changing conditions and continuously analyse the new demands we face. This works best in dialogue with our partners. We can only fully understand needs and address them effectively if we listen carefully. This allows us to retain our edge in implementation – even in troubled times.


Faced with wars, pandemics and climate change, we do not look away but respond to the mounting challenges instead. We do not allow setbacks to discourage us, and we tackle the complexities of our time by devising solutions that work.


We work to shape a future worth living around the world. Drawing conclusions from our evolving working environment and from talks with our partners helps us to move closer to our vision every day. This allows us to keep on developing, while at the same time remaining flexible and resilient. Sustainability is the overarching principle that guides all our actions. Only by building the future with the people in our countries of assignment will we be able to withstand shifting challenges in the long term and make the lasting changes needed to improve prospects.

Message from the Chair of the Supervisory Board

Portrait photo: Jochen Flasbarth.
© BPA / Steffen Kugler

»Inclusive and resilient societies that are fit for the future are key to sustainable development.«

Jochen Flasbarth,
Chair of the Supervisory Board
Message from Jochen Flasbarth

Video message from the Chair of the Management Board

Chair of the Management Board Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel talks about how strong partnerships and holistic approaches guided GIZ’s work in 2022.

Foreword by the Management Board

Portrait photo: Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel.
Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Chair of the Management Board
© GIZ / Gaby Gerster
Portrait photo: Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven.
Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven, Managing Director
© GIZ / Gaby Gerster

Foreword by the Management Board

»Forward-looking solutions need to factor in the interconnectedness and mutually reinforcing impact of urgent issues.«

Figures for fiscal year 2022

some € 4 billion

in business volume


some € 200 million

in total operating performance of the taxable business area GIZ International Services


some 1,700

ongoing projects


some 120

countries in which we operate



employees worldwide


Sustainability at all levels

Working effectively

Photo: Four women in work coats stand around a sink. One woman is screwing on the tap, another woman is holding it.
© GIZ / photothek

Providing support where help is needed most: whether in an acute crisis such as the one in Ukraine or tackling long-term challenges such as the just energy transition in Indonesia, we work with our partners to bring about lasting changes in the world and in this way contribute to a future worth living.

How we work effectively

Operating responsibly

Forward-looking and flexible: our Corporate Strategy is the result of our ongoing monitoring of the wider business environment. We keep a watchful eye on the latest opportunities and risks and on changing trends – and this is also reflected in our sustainability management and Gender Strategy.

How we operate responsibly
Photo: A man holds the rope of a sail.
© GIZ / photothek

Contributing socially

Photo: Several people are sitting in rows behind each other, some have raised their finger or hand. All are smiling.
© GIZ / Ala Kheir

Security, equality and personal development at work: feeling appreciated enables people to realise their full potential. That is why we not only work to ensure diversity, human rights in our supply chains and health and safety in the workplace, but also support our staff’s own initiatives.

How we contribute socially

Acting ecologically

For the sake of the environment, the climate and future generations: at GIZ, we are cutting our emissions, lowering our energy consumption and showing responsibility towards resources and biodiversity – at our own locations and together with our partners abroad.

How we act ecologically
Photo: Three women planting a young tree.
© GIZ / Binh Dang

Insights into our work around the world

Photo: A man stands in the hold of a truck holding an orange mattress. Behind him, more mattresses are stacked.

Ukraine: hope in the shadow of war

Programmes for Ukrainians affected by the war deliver disaster relief while building prospects for a better future.
© Vesselynove municipality in Mykolayiv region

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Photo: Four people standing around a solar panel illuminated by a lamp.

Just transition: a fair way forward

The path to climate neutrality is posing huge challenges for many regions around the world. GIZ is working to make the transition socially equitable. © GIZ / photothek

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Photo: A woman with a headscarf and a man are on the roof of a house, carrying a large solar panel together.

Partnerships: standing strong together

Global challenges call for common solutions. That is why we cooperate with many partners around the world, harnessing a wide range of concepts and constellations. © Hassan Eslaeeh

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Photo: Seamstresses wearing headscarves and face masks sit in a large hall.

Sustainable supply chains: live better, work better

For many years, GIZ has been helping its commissioning parties in promoting environmental protection and human rights at different points in supply chains. © Noor Alam

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Here you will find various reports produced by GIZ: our Integrated Company Report 2022 as a barrier-free PDF, the Annual Statement of Accounts 2022 on the company’s financial position, also as a PDF, and a range of other documents about our corporate sustainability.

These and other GIZ reports can be found under ‘Downloads’.