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Flexible and effective, with our eyes on the future

Photo: Four persons are sitting at a table with laptops, documents and drinks. One woman is talking and the others are looking at her.
© GIZ / Dirk Ostermeier

The world is becoming ever more complex, and future prospects look increasingly unsettled. The climate crisis, fragile contexts, rising poverty – the demands on our work are growing steadily. In difficult times like these, it helps to have clear values that enable us to pursue our vision and implement effective projects.

Values and vision – both characterise our Corporate Strategy, which continued to prove its worth in its second year. It drives us on to ensure results and efficiency, underpins our digital transformation and acts as a compass even during the pandemic. Our goal is always the same – to implement commissions in international cooperation flexibly and effectively, even under adverse circumstances.

With our vision, we analyse the upcoming key global trends and pave the way for sustainable change, using innovative tools and drawing on the knowledge we have accumulated. We always look at the bigger picture, enter into strong partnerships and adopt new approaches to achieve a future worth living for everyone.