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Working in fragile contexts

The safety and security of our staff is our top priority. At country and regional level, our professional security risk management system has been continually refined in recent years by the Corporate Security Unit. International security situations are permanently monitored so that we can respond to changes without delay. To do so, GIZ maintains extensive networks and is in regular dialogue with state and non-governmental organisations and institutions. GIZ also has people on hand in all countries to deal with crises and emergencies, including trained crisis management teams and psychologists, who can jump into action at short notice. In addition to physical safety, preserving mental health has also become more relevant, particularly when GIZ implements projects in displacement and crisis contexts. Depending on the fragility of the country and the assessment of the overall security situation, staff are also obliged to take part in security training before travelling to their country of assignment.

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GRI standard 412; UNGC 1, 2; The Code 1, 5