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Photo: Window front of a wood-panelled building.


Social responsibility, ecological balance and economic capability: these three dimensions guide corporate sustainability at GIZ.

GIZ has firmly embedded all three dimensions in its strategies and management philosophy. The company aligns its practice here with national and international guidelines and its own ambitious targets. This gives all staff clear guidance.

Photo: Six hands holding a rope hanging down vertically.
© GIZ / Wohlmann


GIZ puts a particular focus on respecting human rights and strict ethical standards at all times – in both its corporate processes and its projects around the world.

Social responsibility

Photo: Water running down a small slope in a wood.
© GIZ / Binh Dang


GIZ is constantly striving to improve its ecological balance. This involves consuming fewer resources, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and making our building projects more sustainable.

Ecological balance

Photo: Four men standing at a table. One of them is writing something on a large piece of paper with a thick pen.
© GIZ / Sabrina Asche


To remain successful in the long term, we have to sustain and strengthen our performance. With this in mind, we drive digitalisation within the company, keep enhancing our knowledge and skills, and use resources as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Economic capability

Sustainability management

Sustainability management has been systematically mainstreamed in our company. To drive forward sustainability as an issue, GIZ employs a wide spectrum of instruments. Over the past few years, we have also significantly expanded climate management measures.