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Photo: GIZ: Value creation, man plants trees
© GIZ / Ranak Martin

Taking integratedand sustainable action

We view every aspect of how we operate as part of a coherent whole: from working to achieve economic success and supporting our staff to taking environmental and climate action and upholding human rights. At the same time, we want to ensure that the values we stand for are fostered within the company as well.

In our projects, we team up with our partners to develop solutions that have an impact. Keen to take action and innovate, we analyse and evaluate the results with a view to achieving continuous improvement. We report on the outcomes to partners, commissioning parties and the general public in a reliable manner – helping us to make international cooperation transparent and credible.

The people working for our company are a crucial factor in our success. More than 22,000 employees from over 150 countries reflect GIZ’s diversity; we see them as a valuable asset and place our trust in them. We take our responsibility seriously, especially in the often fragile conditions in which our staff work day in, day out. We demonstrate flexibility in adapting to complex changes. Our surroundings are an important part of the process: we conserve resources and support respect for human rights. We ensure our plans are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. In doing so, the different dimensions of sustainability dovetail with one another and guide our business activities today, while looking ahead to tomorrow.


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