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Photo: GIZ: Corporate sustainability entrance area building glass
© GIZ / Volker Lannert


For GIZ, corporate sustainability covers a broad spectrum of issues from human rights and environmental protection to designing new buildings.

With its different dimensions – social responsibility, ecological balance and economic capability – sustainability is relevant at every level. We see political participation as a fundamental prerequisite for taking truly sustainable action. Our approach goes well beyond what is required by law; we have set ourselves ambitious goals.


Photo: GIZ: Gender in the GIZ

To fulfil our social responsibility, we attach particular importance to carrying out human rights due diligence in projects and corporate processes.

Social responsibility 

Human rights

GIZ takes its responsibility for human rights seriously – not only within our company but also along the supply chain. At this point in our Integrated Company Report for 2019, we provide – for the second time – a detailed explanation of how we exercise due diligence in the field of human rights as part of the German Government’s National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP). This section also specifies the measures we have taken in accordance with the two human rights principles set out in the UN Global Compact. (© GIZ / N. Seiler)

Human rights
Strengthening & promoting children and their rights

Photo: GIZ: Protecting children from violence


Photo: GIZ: Ecological building at the Bonn location
© GIZ / Volker Lannert

GIZ has set itself the goal of improving its ecological balance as one of the three dimensions of sustainability. To this end, the company aims to maintain its efforts to reduce its GHG emissions, consume fewer resources and apply sustainable construction methods. In 2020, for the first time, environmental data is also helping us to offset carbon emissions company-wide (both in Germany and abroad).

Ecological balance
 Climate and Environmental Data 2019

Economic capability

Photo: GIZ: Final round of the "Integrity Journey
(© GIZ)

To reach our goals as a company, we have to sustain and strengthen our performance, a step that entails maximising the efficient and sustainable use of resources.

Economic capability

Sustainability management

Sustainability management has been systematically mainstreamed in our company. Over the past two years, we have significantly expanded climate management measures as well.

Strategic and systematic sustainability management
Our sustainability management instruments
Environmental management at GIZ
Climate management in the spotlight