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Our Human Resources Strategy: flexible work options around the globe

The environment in which GIZ operates is changing: the requirements of our commissioning parties have increased, conditions in countries of assignment have become more complex and in some of them there are greater environmental pressures. Our HR Strategy is responding to these changes and setting the course for the company’s future HR policy, for instance by deploying flexible work models when seconding staff outside Germany and by offering support services for GIZ staff and accompanying partners.

The right expertise in the right place at the right time

GIZ is especially good at implementing projects all over the world and offering the right expertise, even in challenging contexts. Staff working outside Germany play a key role in this. We are already using many forms of assignment to best meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. We added the following flexible working options in 2019:

New forms of assignment

IntEx (intermittent experts):
Intermittent experts are assigned to a project outside Germany, but also work in large part at a location in Germany. This can last up to five months of the year, depending on how the project is planned.

Travellers work as Germany-based staff and spend at least three months of the year at a project location outside Germany or working in various projects and/or countries.

Our employees are satisfied overall

The opinions of our workforce matter to us, as does engaging in continuous dialogue with them. We conducted the fourth company-wide Staff and Development Worker Survey in February 2019. It paints a comprehensive picture of how satisfied our employees are. In 2019, 86 per cent of those surveyed were satisfied with the company and with working there. Performance and excellence of our work results, the substance of our work, cooperation in a team and with managers as well as GIZ as a company were rated as clear strengths. We are devising specific actions to improve and make changes in areas of our company where we still have room for improvement, such as work processes.

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