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Reducing energy consumption at GIZ locations in Germany and abroad

The volume of energy consumed and the energy mix used varies greatly between GIZ’s locations in Germany and abroad. In Germany, our energy consumption figures cover electricity and heating/cooling energy. Outside Germany, consumption of fuel for company vehicles and generators is also included. Compared with the previous year, we have seen a significant reduction in total energy consumption in Germany.

Almost all the power used at GIZ locations in Germany is green electricity. In 2019, electricity from renewable energy sources accounted for around 85 per cent of the total. The consumption of conventional electricity stems from the use of spaces shared with other tenants, such as reception areas and lifts in leased properties. In a number of instances, GIZ has leased only part of the building and therefore has limited influence on the choice of electricity product. Wherever possible and economically viable, we are gradually introducing LED lighting and also striving to make savings with our ventilation systems.

Since electricity generated from renewable energy is not available to a sufficient extent for the country offices in most countries, we cannot achieve similarly high renewable energy figures outside Germany. We are aiming to install more photovoltaic systems to supply electricity in future.

Photo: GIZ: Electricity for the country offices
Electricity for the country offices:
promoting the installation of
photovoltaic systems in future
(© GIZ)

Primarily savings on heating and cooling energy in Germany

Energy consumption at GIZ’s locations in Germany mainly involves the use of heating/cooling energy and electricity. Heating/cooling energy alone accounts for just over half of consumption. The proportion of renewable energy is around 20 per cent, obtained from geothermal and photovoltaic systems.

Photo: GIZ: combined heat and power plant at the Kottenforst Campus
Promoting renewable energy: combined heat and power plant at the Kottenforst Campus of the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ) in Bonn-Röttgen (© GIZ)

Our locations in Germany and abroad vary enormously in terms of heating/cooling energy consumption. Heating/cooling energy consumption per employee in Germany stands at 2,650 kWh and has fallen by around 16 per cent in the last three years. Outside Germany, where heating is available in only a few countries or only partly based on electricity, the figure is just 389 kWh per employee.

The largest differences probably lie in direct energy consumption from motor vehicle fuels. Energy consumption from the combustion of fuels in company cars and generators does not play as central a role at GIZ locations in Germany as in other countries. The figure for 2019 was 94,826 kWh in Germany and 46,036,759 kWh abroad. While the GIZ fleet in Germany consisted of only nine cars at the end of 2019, the company ran several thousand vehicles in other countries. A total of 538 new vehicles were purchased for other countries in 2019.

Energy consumption broken down by heating/cooling energy, electricity, generators and fuel for company vehicles


Energy consumption

Total energy consumption      
Total energy consumption in kWh322,588,26623,645,86724,507,99161,907,42968,060,20480,277,407
Total energy consumption per employee in kWh35,3955,1184,4583,6873,9384,404
Total electricity consumption in kWh9,436,8879,823,4449,939,49416,978,60718,550,54119,717,828
Total electricity consumption per employee in kWh2,2542,1261,8081,0111,0731,082
Share of green electricity85.6%85.3%85.4%Data not collected in CSH
Heating/cooling energy      
Total heating/cooling energy in kWh13,151,37913,822,42314,568,4974,006,2244,290,3897,083,143
Total heating/cooling energy per employee in kWh3,1412,9922,650239248389
Share of renewable heating energy in %12.4%10.9%15.8%Data not collected in CSH
Fuel for company vehicles and generators      
Total energy consumption from motor vehicle fuel in kWh230,314163,63594,82634,607,21239,670,80846,036,759
Total energy consumption from motor vehicle fuel per employee in kWh5837182,0612,2952,526
Total energy consumption from generators in kWhNo data5,4985,4986,315,3875,548,4677,439,677
Total energy consumption from generators per employee in kWhNo data1.21.0376321408
1 The data for Germany corresponds to the balance on 18 November 2020. Due to better availability of data, some figures have been updated for 2018 and 2019.
 2 The assessment system for other countries was expanded in 2019 and previous publications may show other data. Figures for 2017 are based on data from 2016 and 2017. Up until that point, environmental data was assessed on a biannual basis. Since 2018, environmental data has been collected annually in all CSH countries. From 2019 onwards, a new extrapolation system will also be used.
 3 In Germany, total energy consumption covers electricity and heating/cooling energy. Outside Germany, consumption of fuel for company vehicles and generators is also included.
Graphic: GIZ: SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy
Graphic: GIZ: SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth
Graphic: GIZ: SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production
Graphic: GIZ: SDG 13 Climate action

GRI standard 302 (302-1, 302-2, 302-4); UNGC 7, 8, 9; The Code 11, 12, 13