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Human Resources Strategy: achieving goals effectively

The capacity to implement effective projects is at the heart of our Corporate Strategy. As far as our human resources – or HR – work is concerned, that means building on our strengths in a carefully targeted manner: we are seeking to mobilise and manage our expertise even more rapidly and effectively going forward. Professional, international, mobile and cooperative: the vision set out in our HR Strategy describes how we intend to consolidate and optimise the diverse standards we aspire to in our work.

Examples of measures that have already been implemented

Contact point for accompanying partners

To comprehensively promote mobility, accompanying partners must be taken into account. GIZ’s MAP Desk – named after the German acronym for accompanying partners – is a central point of contact for them. The MAP Desk team advises both partners before the application process begins, offering them information about the conditions in the country they will be going to and, if necessary, referring them to other experts.

Regional HR Hubs

Internationalising HR work: the first two regional HR Hubs for national staff are up and running and advising human resources staff on the ground. They act as a bridge between Head Office and country offices and aim to optimise HR work in our countries of assignment. With their combined expertise on HR issues, they support national staff in 33 pilot countries.

Cooperation and Leadership:
working together for innovative solutions

More cooperation, more innovative ways of working and more leadership on equal terms: these are the aims of our strategic project on Cooperation and Leadership. In a participatory process and in workshops around the world, four principles were developed that illustrate what kind of cooperation and leadership we would like to see: Co-create Meaning, Cooperate in Diversity, Practise Adaptive Leadership, and Experiment and Innovate. In early 2020, these principles were made a permanent part of GIZ’s Corporate Principles. They are helpful when it comes to introducing new ways of working and in bringing about change in our corporate culture. The idea is that the principles should encourage staff to be more autonomous in taking action and in managing processes – always bearing in mind where it is useful or essential to involve someone higher up in the hierarchy, for example with regard to strategic decisions or on working together to guard against risks. This changes the role of managers, too. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this transformation. For example, digital tools and agile forms of working were introduced in many departments in order to remain efficient under the changed circumstances.

Information on the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be found on this page:

Graphic: GIZ: SDG 5 Gender equality
Graphic: GIZ: SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth

Information on the following sustainability standards can be found on this page:
GRI standard 405; UNGC 6; The Code 15