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GIZ has now achieved climate neutrality worldwide

Not all greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided. GIZ has therefore been using high-quality climate certificates to offset its unavoidable emissions in Germany since 2013. Since 2020, it has also been offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its activities in its partner countries. These are emissions from air travel as well as from electricity and heating, for example. This reduction, in conjunction with offsetting, means that GIZ as a whole is now climate neutral.1

1 In the sense that it generates net zero greenhouse gas emissions: the emissions that GIZ cannot avoid are offset by retiring high-quality climate certificates from projects where greenhouse gas emissions were successfully reduced.

Information on the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be found on this page:

Graphic: GIZ: SDG 13 Climate action

Information on the following sustainability standards can be found on this page:
GRI standard 305; UNGC 8, 9; The Code 13